"Thanks again for the wonderful reading.  It really helped me to get motivated and was a great confirmation of my own meditation practice.  What a wonderful art."    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                -- Katy  

I am an astrologer that wants to help people become a more and more conscious part of their life's creativity and happiness.   I like to emphasize how one can continually evolve and 'dance' with what their life brings to them.

The planets and signs all represent certain kinds of energies.  An astrological chart is symbolic of a person's unique energy, character and areas of strengths.  A chart can also show areas of patterns or limitations to consciously grow from.   On a daily basis, these planetary energies influence us in ever-changing ways.  So Vedic astrology can be used to see how the current energies of our day affect an ever-evolving expression of ourselves.  

The consciousness that we bring to our lives, especially with a wish to grow, allow our lives and what we see symbolically in our charts, to continually evolve.  Our evolving consciousness, is to me, one of the main purposes of our lives and what I try to nourish in the people I talk astrology with.  This then affects all areas of our lives in positive ways (career, relationships, family, etc.).  

So I like to show how we can use anything in our lives in positive and creative ways.  All planets have extremely high levels that they can function on.  And so, even what may have manifested, or is manifesting as a problem, has ways that it can be used well for our growth.  Some people say that our charts show certain fates, destinies or karmas.  But our conscious participation, again, especially with a wish to grow, can bring totally different results than what an astrologer may too hastily say, based on what they had learned would be the outcome.

Many astrologers like to make predictions.  And they can have enough success that they are expected to continue to be confident and make more predictions.  Many of them use 'boiler-plate' predictions when they see certain combinations in a chart.  But these are often the astrologers that don't bother to get to know their client and the context of the client's life, heart, intellect and anything else that they may understand or feel by simply being present with them and open to them.

So, it is of no productive use to worry anyone about a possible difficult outcome, when, if they are living their lives consciously, they may never manifest it, if it was ever true to begin with.  Or, if they do, they have built such a capacity to work with it well and for their growth, that the event is 'consumed' or dealt with easily.  When I see a combination of astrological factors that another astrologer might say is going to bring a difficult event, I try not to attach any specific result to it.  I don't want to limit the possible good outcomes from any astrological event.  I do like to give examples of how any particular combination or event can be used well.

For example, Saturn has to do with stress and worrying.  But it also has to do with the ability to let go and be in the present moment.  So I stress (no pun intended) using a strong Saturn time as an opportunity to use and develop one's ability to focus their mind, have good structures, be present, etc.  This ends up giving one much more clarity and perspective in their lives or any particular situation, that they see possibilities and have greater perspective.  This results in less stress and worrying as one gets stronger and stronger in their capacity to live their life happily, consciously and creatively.  One builds a confidence that they can work well with difficult situations.  This lets us relax more and enjoy our lives more deeply.

And when we consciously, with our wish to grow, don't put energy into the reactionary sides of planets, like Saturn fear, frustration, or Mars anger and impulsiveness, then we are creating an alchemy for our own transformation.  There is a lot of energy that comes up when we have a reaction like anxiety or anger.  When we decide that we don't want to have that kind of reaction, the energy that has come up can be consciously used to 'burn up' or 'dissolve' these tensions, patterns, traumas, etc.  It is very magical, but very real.  I call it the Fire of Yoga.  And it all takes less and less of an intellectual/analytical process, which has its limitations and has a drain on our energy, if we let it.

I wanted to give a sense of how I work when I am doing a reading.  All readings are different and can address a wide range of topics.