Mars/Saturn     July 14, 2016

Mars is a planet that typically will transit from sign to sign every month and a half or so.  But, every so often it will stay in one sign for much longer.  This year, it is in the sign of Scorpio from Feb. 20th to Sept. 17th, with the exception of a period, just over three weeks long, from June 17th (of this year) to July 12th, just a couple of days ago.  So it is now back in Scorpio, but it is very much in a shifting state until mid-morning of Sunday, the 17th.  

It is coming back into this sign which Saturn has been in since the last two months of 2014.  This article is about what you might expect out of these planets being together until Mars shifts Sept. 17th.  And it is about what Mars can be like as it is making its current shift back into Scorpio. 

A planet (as Mars is now) is in a state of flux, transition and instability while it is changing signs.  Even though the exact shift of signs for Mars was two days ago on the 12th, it won't be done with it's shift until it gets up to one full degree in Scorpio, which is this coming Sunday, the 17th, mentioned above.  Mars is the planet for taking action.  It is fiery and can be intense.  When it is strong in our lives, and we are not keeping a balance with its influence, then we can react impulsively, get angry or somehow get an imbalance due to too much heat.  When it is in this shifting stage, it is more likely to cause us to react in one of the Mars' ways.  And, on top of this, Mars is now more strongly influenced by Saturn, which can lead to more difficult and challenging situations.  

As mentioned, Mars will be done shifting this Sunday (about 7 am Mountain Time).  But it does continue to get closer to Saturn until they are exactly together Aug. 24th.  And then finally, Mars leaves the sign that Saturn is in on Sept. 17th.  These two planets are in a category called 'malefics'.  This means that they have the potential to bring about difficult situations.  And when two of them are together, there is more potential for difficult and challenging situations.  These planets also have many wonderful qualities or ways that their energies can be used well.  And the good qualities of these planets are the antidotes or remedies for the difficult things.  They can keep many difficult things from ever manifesting in the first place.  

What usually happens in a strong time, like Mars and Saturn being together, is that because of the strength of the current influence, we are more likely to either react with it, because it throws us off balance easier, or we use it well, but with a necessary level of extra conscious effort brought to our lives.  This can be as simple has having a strong inner wish to grow from the situations that come into our lives, and not wanting to react and feed into patterns or tensions that easily want to get expressed.  There is less 'middle-ground' in stronger times energetically.  

Saturn can have to do with our frustrations.  Mars can have to do with getting angry or intense.  The influence, currently, that these two planets can have on each other is that Mars can intensify the Saturn frustration.  Saturn's frustration can then feed the Mars anger, intensity, impulsive actions, confrontations, abuse, abrasive behavior, etc.  And again, with the exception of a few weeks recently, Mars and Saturn have been together since February 20th.  Saturn has to do with resistance, negativity, controlling, and it brings a much more challenging and difficult experience to things.  

A side note to this is that Saturn is also influencing the planet Jupiter, which has to do with positive things like high ethics and morals, growth, expansion, wisdom and anything that broadens one's horizons.  The Saturn influence on Jupiter can make it harder for these positive Jupiter things.  But, it can be done, especially when we as individuals focus on the positive Saturn things.  This will also cause Saturn's influence on Mars to help the Mars influence in our lives be expressed in more positive ways.  

Saturn is the planet for self-discipline, structure, focus, letting go of things and making commitments to things.  It is the planet for the ability to be Present.  Doing these positive Saturn things can get their motivation from the Saturn function of going more deeply inside and becoming clear about what things are important to you.  (You can also read my article on the Saturn Return for more on Saturn)

So in this current time, when there is maybe less 'middle-ground' and more of a challenge, have some good things that you put into a structure or routine.  If you already do, maybe expand on them or add some new positive commitments and routines.  If you meditate, maybe commit to having more quality time in meditation.  Question your resistance.  Build a capacity to let go of things and be more and more in the present.  A good regular meditation practice is always a good thing.  

I have been seeing so many world affairs that are corresponding to this Mars/Saturn influence and the Saturn influence on Jupiter.  

The Brexit vote was in about the middle of Mars shifting signs back into Libra.  It was a good example of frustration meeting action (or impulsive reaction) on a national level.  Mars is violence and Saturn makes things more challenging and difficult.  Saturn also represents authority, like the police.  The police have been using excess force (Mars).  And they have also had excess force directed to them.  The shootings in Orlando took place the first day of Mars starting its shift of changing signs, when a more unstable and negative Mars is more likely.  The killings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota, as well as the killings of police officers in Dallas all took place while Mars was in it’s transition between signs.  

I could write a full article correlating a lot of national and worldly events to corresponding astrological events.  But the purpose of this article has already been emphasized above.  Its a time to do what you do to keep yourself balanced, but maybe with a little extra effort and commitment.